Safety Information

Disaster Preparedness

Did you know that Central Fire has only four firefighters on duty each day? Did you know that there are only 20 ambulances in all of Sonoma County, and only two are assigned to Windsor? If a major disaster occurs, it may be hours or even days before help can reach you.

Disasters usually occur quickly and without warning. You could awaken in the night to find your home on fire. You could be forced to evacuate your home (hazardous material leak or highway spill) or be confined to your to home without water, electricity, and/or phone for days.

There is nothing we can do to prevent most major disasters, but we can put ourselves in the best position to cope by being as prepared as possible.

The telephone book has an excellent First Aid and Survival Guide. In addition, following are documents and links to websites that will help you and your family prepare for and respond to a disaster.

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